Jones: I'd love to be like Mirren


Felicity Jones admires her co-star Helen Mirren

Felicity Jones has revealed that she would love to be like her co-star Dame Helen Mirren.

The 27-year-old actress recently stated how much she admires and respects Dame Helen, with whom she starred alongside in Julie Taymor’s take on Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Speaking about her experience working with the Oscar winner, Felicity said: “The most incredible thing about her is that she has so much experience and she’s been doing it for so long, but there’s still so much excitement.”

The Tempest, which is due out in early March, tells the story of Prospera, the duchess of Milan, played by Dame Helen and her takeover of the island to which she was cast away by her brother Antonio.

With daughter Miranda, played by Felicity, in tow, Prospera enslaves the sole inhabitant of the island, a beast called the Caliban and out of revenge ends up causing a tempest, stranding the passengers on board a nearby ship, which includes Antonio.

Also, speaking out about her role in teen comedy, Chalet Girl, starring Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick and Bill Nighy, Felicity said of Helen and Bill: “Actors like those, they retain that joy that you get when its your first job, there’s no sense of them being jaded or disillusioned.

“As an actor, to be able to have done as much as they have but still feel like you have more to learn is something that I would want to emulate.”

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