Journalist breaks down over fears of Donald Trump’s presidency

Jonathan Capehar

Prominent journalist Jonathan Capehart broke down during an interview with Channel 4 when asked if he was worried if his country “may become another America” under the recently elected Donald Trump.

The interview between the Washington Post columnist and Jon Snow, which you can watch below, makes for difficult viewing as Capehart explains his fears, and eventually breaks down in tears.

When asked by Snow whether as a gay black celebrated journalist America was still his, Capehart said: “That is a very powerful question Jon and it moves me almost into silence.

“The election of President Obama was a great moment for this country. And now we stand two months away from, excuse me, from all of that disappearing. And as an African-American, and as an American and a gay man, that scares me.”

Responding to this, Michigan campaign manager for Trump, Lena Epstein said: “My heart goes out and I want to assure you from personal experience with Mr Trump I know he is a good man and a capable man and that he cares for all Americans including you and your community. I will be sure to advocate and be sure that is the case.”

Capehart specified his concerns earlier in the interview when he said: “Trump’s ran a campaign for the deportation of 11 million Muslim Americans and their children. And then revised it to banning Muslims from ‘terrorist areas’.

“You have people, American citizens of Hispanic descent and Muslim descent, wondering what is their place in their country and how is the incoming president going to treat them.”

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