Julian Assange says Clinton foundation is funded by ‘ISIS’ backers

WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange

On November 8th the Democratic candidate will have the final showdown with Republican candidate Donald Trump.

With the latest leaks pushing the FBI director James Comey to probing into the Clinton case again, the Clinton ‘barrage’ has gone to the next level in what Julian Assange calls the most ‘damning email’ yet.

The WikiLeaks founder, who for the past 4 years has been held under asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to avoid extradition to the US, said another email has yet to come out.

As the days had been building up to the election date, a constant supply of leaked emails from the democratic candidate and her party members’ computers had come to surface. This had changed the dynamic of the election entirely.

In an interview with Russia Today (RT), Assange said the Saudi Government funds both ISIS and Clinton’s foundation.

He said: “There’s an early 2014 email, from very early on, so not so long after she left secretary of state to her campaign manager John Podesta.

“It states that ISIS is funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar – the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

“I think this is the most significant email in the whole collection.”

He had even mentioned how sorry he felt for Hillary Clinton as a person.

Many had raised the question if Julian Assange had been trying to push Trump into the White House. When asked in the interview he denied the allegation.

“All serious analysts know, and even the US government has agreed, that some Saudi figures have been supporting ISIS and funding ISIS,” he said, “but the dodge has always been that it is some ‘rogue’ princes using their oil money to do whatever they like, but actually the government disapproves.

“But that email says that it is the government of Saudi Arabia, and the government of Qatar that have been funding ISIS.”

However, unexpectedly he said that Clinton would win the vote, under the circumstances that Trump has no establishment on his side.

He said: “Trump would not be permitted to win. Because he has had every establishment off his side. Trump does not have one establishment

“Banks, intelligence, arms companies.. foreign money etc.. is all united behind Hillary Clinton, and the media as well.

“Media owners and even journalists themselves.”

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