July 7 ringleader 'sorry' to wife


Mohammed Sidique Khan left a will apologises to his wife, inquest heard

July 7 ringleader Mohammed Sidique Khan left a will in which he apologised to his wife for lying to her and asked her to understand what he did.

Khan, 30, also said leaving his baby daughter behind when he blew himself up on a Tube train at Edgware Road station in London was “the most difficult thing in my life”, the inquest into the attacks heard.

In the will, he wrote to his wife Hasina Patel: “You have been very patient with me even though I never told you what I was doing and often lied to you. I know you trusted me and for that I thank you.

“Please forgive me for the deceit, lies and my absence, it was to please Allah.”

He added: “Try to understand what I did.”

Addressing his baby, he wrote in the will: “The most difficult thing in my life was to leave you…

“I ask you to forgive me for not being a part of your life in this world.”

Khan also left a handwritten note saying he had provided some money to buy “new toys and stuff” for his baby.

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