Keenan: Seeing Robson made me blush

Keenan: Seeing Robson made me blush


Sinead Keenan says meeting Robson Green made her blush

Sinead Keenan has admitted that bumping into her childhood crush Robson Green on the set of Being Human left her starstruck.

The Irish actress, who plays werewolf Nina in the supernatural TV series, said meeting the Soldier Soldier heartthrob in the flesh left her somewhat red-faced.

“Robson was my first TV crush. I think I actually blushed the first time I met him in the make-up truck,” she revealed. “He’s amazing, absolutely amazing.”

The BBC Three show, which tells the story of a group of young housemates – among them a ghost, a vampire and two werewolves – attempting to lead normal lives, is back for a third series.

And although the show has otherworldly elements, 34-year-old Sinead reckons it’s human at its core.

“It’s a show about four twenty-somethings, trying to make their way in life and find out who they are,” she said.

“It just so happens, one’s a vampire, one’s a ghost and a couple of them are werewolves – but that’s all incidental – the crosses they have to bear. At the centre of it – as corny as it sounds – it’s about being human.”

:: Being Human returns for its third series on BBC Three on Sunday, January 23



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