Kennedy family claim rogue turkey


A rogue turkey caught on camera attacking a van belonged to US family the Kennedys

The matriarch of US political dynasty the Kennedys has admitted responsibility for a rogue turkey which was caught on camera attacking a van.

Ethel Kennedy, the widow of Robert F Kennedy, said she owned a turkey which attacked a postal van near the family home of Hyannisport, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The 82-year-old grandmother told the Cape Cod Times she wanted her grandchildren to know what a real turkey looked like at Thanksgiving, so she sent her son, Robert F Kennedy Jr, to a farm to buy two birds.

One of the birds escaped and Ms Kennedy’s children spent three days chasing it around the area but could not catch it.

Then last week, a bird matching the description of the Kennedy bird was spotted about two miles away attacking the truck in Barnstable.

Ms Kennedy said: “It’s our bird.”

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