Knife suspect shot dead by police


A suspected armed robber has been shot dead by an off duty police officer

A suspected armed robber has been shot dead by an off duty police officer in Northern Ireland.

Police sources said the officer shot at a man they said was armed with a knife at a petrol station on Belfast’s Albertbridge Road.

The shooting took place after 7pm.

The man shot by the officer was initially said to have been injured but has since died.

A spokesman for the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) said: “As is normal procedure the Police Ombudsman has been informed and are attending the scene.”

It is understood the off-duty officer may have come upon the scene, but the police service said the full details of what happened had yet to be established.

A spokesman for the Police Ombudsman confirmed the man had died following the shooting.

He added: “It’s understood he was shot shortly after 7pm by a police officer at a garage on the Albertbridge Road in the city. The Police Ombudsman’s Office has been informed and its investigators are at the scene.”

Sinn Fein Assembly member Alex Maskey, who sits on the Policing Board which monitors the service in Northern Ireland, said he was in contact with police over the shooting.

He added: “This is obviously an issue of the utmost seriousness and one which must be investigated fully by the Police Ombudsman’s Office.”

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