LA police test knife reportedly found at OJ Simpson’s house


Police in Los Angeles are testing a knife that was reportedly recovered at a house once owned by OJ Simpson.

The former American footballer lived at the property at the time he was accused of killing his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman – a crime of which he was acquitted in 1995.

Despite searches that lasted months, the murder weapon was never found.

A retired officer alerted detectives to the knife’s existence a few months ago. A contruction worker is reported to have found the blade in the 1990s and handed to the authorities, but LAPD could not confirm that detail.

The elite Robbery-Homicide Division is investigating the reported discovery of the knife, which is now in the department’s possession.

A member of OJ Simpson’s legal team, Carl Douglas told the LA Times: “It’s amazing how the world cannot move on from this case!…And it, and the media, is apparently still fascinated by everything O.J. Simpson.”

He called the story about the knife “ridiculous”.

It is understood ‘double jeopardy’ would apply in the event the knife were found to be of interest in the murders, an LAPD spokesman said. OJ Simpson would not face new charges as he has already been tried in connection with the case.

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