Lana Del Rey defends controversial comments on music industry double standards

Lana Del Rey, headshot
Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has defended her controversial comments on double standards in the music industry following a backlash and allegations of racism.

The singer posted a lengthy message to Instagram denying her lyrics are anti-feminist or glamorise abuse and named-checked other female stars, including Beyonce, Doja Cat, Cardi B, Camila Cabello and Nicki Minaj.

Del Rey said now they have had “number ones with songs about being sexy, wearing no clothes, f***ing, cheating etc” she wanted to sing freely “without being crucified”.

She wrote: “I think it’s pathetic that my minor lyrical exploration detailing my sometimes submissive or passive roles in my relationships has often made people say I’ve set women back hundreds of years.”

However, fans criticised Del Rey for mentioning women of colour, with some accusing her of being racist.

Writing on Instagram, she has now denied the allegation of racism.

She said: “Bro. This is sad to make it about a WOC (women of colour) issue when I’m talking about my favourite singers. I could’ve literally said anyone but I picked my favourite f***ing people.

“And this is the problem with society today, not everything is about whatever you want it to be. It’s exactly the point of my post – there are certain women that culture doesn’t want to have a voice it may not have to do with race I don’t know what it has to do with.

“I don’t care anymore but don’t ever ever ever ever bro- call me racist because that is bullshit.”

Del Rey – who said she is “not not a feminist” – also insisted that when she mentioned “women who look like me,” she was not referring to race.

She said: “And my last and final note on everything—when I said people who look like me—I meant the people who don’t look strong or necessarily smart, or like they’re in control etc. it’s about advocating for a more delicate personality, not for white woman.”

And in reference to the popular Karen meme, generally used to make fun of white women with a perceived sense of entitlement, Del Rey added: “Thanks for the Karen comments tho. V helpful.”

Rey, 34, also announced two new books of poetry as well as a new album, set for release on September 5.

It will be the follow up to her critically acclaimed 2019 effort, Norman F***ing Rockwell!

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