LeBlanc: Friends stars 'scattered'


Matt LeBlanc stars in new BBC comedy Episodes

Matt LeBlanc has talked about how the Friends stars “scattered” after the long-running series ended.

The actor, who is making a comeback in new show Episodes, says that even though he’s still in touch with Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox Arquette, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer, he’s barely seen them.

“It’s weird, when Friends ended, everyone kind of scattered,” he said.

“But then if you put six people in a building for 10 years with no windows and no one else to talk to and you open the door, they’re going to run away from each other.”

Matt added that shooting Episodes came as a shock, following a four-year hiatus, not least because there’s no studio audience.

“Making Friends was like being in a play. You’d rehearse all week, shoot on Friday nights in front of a live audience and you’d have to wait for the laughter to die down before you delivered the next line. Episodes is much more grounded in reality.

“To get back in front of the camera, say a punch line and not have a huge audience react, it was like (pretending to tap a microphone), ‘Hello, is this on?'”

:: Episodes begins on BBC Two on Monday, January 10.

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