Leo apologises for speech 'F-bomb'


Melissa Leo swore as she accepted her Oscar

Melissa Leo apologised for using the f-word in her acceptance speech as she picked up the Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

The star, who won the gong for her performance in The Fighter, let the word slip out as she took to the stage, beating competitors including Helena Bonham Carter, Hailee Steinfeld and Amy Adams.

“I apologise for anyone who was offended by those words,” she said during a press conference following her win.

“There are many words in the English language in my vernacular. I apologise.”

She also dismissed a question regarding her controversial Oscar “campaign” adverts in the Hollywood Reporter in which she appeared in a glamorous outfit, with the word “Consider” written above her.

“It was a photograph in a magazine,” she said. “There was no campaign. It was just a photograph.”

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