Lewd videos captain faces censure


An officer produced and broadcast raunchy videos to thousands of sailors aboard the USS Enterprise

A US Navy admiral has recommended letters of censure for an officer who produced and broadcast raunchy videos to thousands of sailors aboard the USS Enterprise, and three of his high-ranking superiors.

The head of US Fleet Forces Command, Admiral John Harvey, also recommended that Captain Owen Honors should have to show cause for why he should remain in the navy.

Capt Honors was the aircraft carrier’s second in command when he helped produce and appeared in the videos that aired between 2005 and 2007 on the ship’s closed-circuit TV station during weekly movie nights.

He was relieved of command in January after navy chiefs learned about the videos from media reports.

The three superiors recommended for censure were Rear Admirals Ron Horton and Larry Rice, both former commanders of the Enterprise; and Capt Honors’ successor on the Enterprise, Capt John Dixon.

Admiral Harvey also announced the results of a navy investigation, which found that Captain Honors had produced at least 25 videos with inappropriate scenes.

The videos, produced on the ship and broadcast to the crew during deployments between October 2005 and December 2007, included anti-gay slurs, sailors of both genders in shower scenes and salty language.

Many sailors aboard the ship when the videos aired have since said they were intended to be humorous and maintain morale on long deployments.

Captain Honors’ civilian lawyer, Charles Gittins, has said that if Captain Honors had been told to stop producing and broadcasting the videos, he would have done so.

While many sailors under his command have defended him, Admiral Harvey disagreed. “Vulgar language and insensitive and sexually-tinged attempts at humour such as that displayed in the Enterprise videos is now an everyday part of our popular culture, and endless examples can be found on cable television and the movies,” he said in a statement.

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