LG has revealed its new G6 smartphone


LG has revealed its new flagship smartphone, the G6, which features a screen that fills almost the entire front panel of the device.

The G6 display measures 5.7 inches and also features Dolby Vision technology which increases colour, brightness and contrast. The display also supports high dynamic range (HDR) technology and can process one billion different colours, LG says.

The technology giant made the announcement ahead of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, where several of their smartphone rivals – including Sony and Huawei – are expected to announce new devices.

LG president Juno Cho said: “The LG G6 offers users new visual and manual experiences as it marries an expanded screen with the convenience of one-handed use.

“LG will continue to lead smartphone innovation with a focus on convenience and reliability in order to exceed consumer expectations.”

The G6 also marks a change in focus for LG after their previous flagship G5 – which was unveiled at MWC last year – was a modular device which enabled users to replace the battery or add camera modules.

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