Lohan 'avoided drugs during rehab'


Lindsay Lohan has been warned she will be jailed if she violates probation

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer has insisted that the 24-year-old actress did not drink or take drugs during her 90-day stint at the Betty Ford rehabilitation centre.

“I had numerous conversations with Betty Ford counsellors and doctors over the course of Lindsay’s treatment there and it was never suggested by anyone that she ever drank or used drugs,” Shawn Holley said.

Her comments followed internet reports claiming Lohan was under the influence during an altercation with a rehab technician last month.

Ms Holley added: “Her discharge letter from the facility is totally consistent with that.”

Mean Girls star Lohan, 24, was released from the Rancho Mirage drug dependency centre, about 120 miles east of Los Angeles, this week after receiving treatment there since late September in connection with her three-year-old drink-driving case. The Beverly Hills judge overseeing Lohan’s probation required her to remain at the rehab centre until Monday.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said later that Lohan violated her probation and wanted her charged with battery for the scuffle with Dawn Holland, though Ms Holland is no longer pursuing charges.

Lohan is accused of pushing Ms Holland after Lohan returned to the rehab centre past curfew on December 12 and refused Ms Holland’s request to take a breathalyser test.

Riverside sheriff’s Sgt Joe Borja would not comment on the reports that Lohan was under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the incident.

John Hall, spokesman for the Riverside County district attorney’s office, said the office expected to receive the investigators’ findings later this week.

Los Angeles Superior Court judge Elden Fox has said Lohan will be jailed if she violates probation. Her next scheduled hearing before the judge is February 25.

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