London Tube Strike Cause Major Disruption To Commuters

London Tube 24-hour walkout on Tuesday & Thursday

The entire London Underground was brought to a standstill today because thousands of tube workers went on strike over Transport For London, TFL spending cuts. A planned 24-hour walkout on Tuesday and Thursday has already caused chaos to Londoners and with the other planned 24 hour walk-out, Londoners have been advised to work from home if possible.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport Union decided to go on strike because they fear the proposed Transport spending cuts will lead to hundreds of job losses. The union said members were “solidly supporting” this industrial action.

The entire suspension of the entire underground today has made it impossible people to make their journeys to work today and angry commuters had to find alternative transportation, which in effect caused a hike in Taxi fares across the capital

Londoners face a fare hike due to London Tube Strike

Transport for London has claimed that there ŵill be no loss of jobs and no proposed changes in the pensions and terms and conditions.

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