Love Island’s Gabby blames show editing for death threats over Marcel


Love Island runner-up Gabby Allen has told of her shock after leaving the Majorcan villa to find a torrent of death threats from viewers. The 25-year-old blamed unfair editing of footage, which she said made it appear that she was not taking her relationship with island lover Marcel Somerville seriously.

After logging back into social media when the ITV2 dating show finished this week, Allen said she saw tweets from fans saying they would “stab” or “kill” her if she hurt Somerville. She told the Star newspaper: “Apparently there’s been scenes shown where it looked like I was being horrible to Marcel. I’ve been told they showed stuff like where we were having a conversation, he’d say something and I’d stick my middle finger up at him.

“It would obviously be a joke, but it would cut off before you could see that. “When I came out, I was like, ‘What have people been seeing?’ You don’t know how you are being edited.” Allen assured fans that the pair are “strong” and plan to continue their relationship, following their first official night together at the show’s wrap party.

Less than a week after leaving the island, Somerville is already working on his own love advice book, due to be released next month.

ITV has been contacted for comment.

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