Luke Goss works out for roles


Luke Goss keeps getting offered younger roles

Luke Goss has been working “pretty hard” to give Jason Statham a run for his money by perfecting an action-star buff body.

“My roles are getting younger and I’m getting older, so the only way I can survive is to work out everyday!” the 42-year-old said whilst promoting his new film Death Race 2 in Hollywood.

The former Bros star is in all-out action mode taking on the lead role in the prequel to both the 1975 film Death Race 2000 and Jason Statham’s 2008 Death Race.

“All the fighting was me and the driving was fun,” the actor revealed.

He went on: “They tested me, they took me out in the Shelby [supercar] which is approaching a half a million pounds and they were like ‘please don’t scratch it!’, I do a couple of 360s I pull it up to the stunt guys and they’re like ‘ok, you can do it, you can drive’.”

Having consistently managed to get work in Tinseltown, Luke admits he finally feels settled in America.

“It’s been 10 or 11 years for me, so yeah it definitely feels like one of my homes is here,” he insisted.

Luke joked: “I’m from London, my family are there and my roots are in London, but not a lot of movies I’ve done involve shooting there, so come on guys I’d like to go and shoot a movie in the UK!”

:: Death Race 2 is out on DVD and Blu-ray on December 27.

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