Majorca offers quieter holidays for tourists to mitigate pandemic risks


Visitors to Spain’s Balearic Islands are finding that some of the excesses of pre-pandemic holidays have been rolled back as the authorities look to ensure public safety while luring back the tourists that keep the economy ticking over.

Thermometer guns, face masks and plastic gloves can be seen in airports, hotels and restaurants.

Shops are closed in sleepy streets while night life is discouraged.

However, Spain still hopes the Mediterranean blue waters, warm sun and sandy beaches are enough to lure visitors back.

Tourists sit on the beach

“We enjoy the fact that we’re allowed to be pretty much alone here, the beach is empty,” German tourist Martin Hofmann said while walking along the beach of Palma, Majorca’s main city.

“OK, unfortunately, a lot of places are also closed,” Mr Hoffman said.

“There’s only two or three places open here at Playa de Palma now.

“But, whatever. That’s new and fun.”

Mr Hoffman and his wife Serra were among the first of 10,900 German tourists scheduled to arrive in the Balearic Islands over the next two weeks for whom the Spanish government has waived the current 14-day quarantine requirement.

As happy as the islands are to have tourists back, that number represents only 0.91% of the visitors that Majorca and the three other Balearic Islands welcomed in the second half of June last year.

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