Marine Le Pen: ‘End free schooling for children of illegal migrants’


Far-right leader Marine Le Pen has said foreigners in France should go through a “waiting period” before benefiting from social services and that children whose parents are in the country illegally should not be allowed free schooling.

Ms Le Pen, a candidate in France’s spring presidential election, took on a prickly subject during a walk through the Paris Christmas market on the Champs-Elysees Avenue.

The National Front leader wants to stop what she calls “massive” immigration and is urging an exit from the European Union and its common euro currency.

Ms Le Pen said she wants an end to free automatic schooling for children of illegal migrants and said foreigners working in France legally should pay taxes for a while before accessing social benefits.

She said national policies should “benefit the French”.


  1. There are too many issues in France but that of illegal immigrants just needs to curbed otherwise France will completely disintegrate. Le Penn is right on this.

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