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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

McCluskey: Government 'wrecking UK'

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Len McCluskey has accused the government of taking a 'wrecking ball' to the country by its cuts in public spending

The government has been accused of taking a “wrecking ball” to the country by its cuts in public spending.

Len McCluskey, newly elected leader of the Unite union accused the government of going “far beyond” what was needed to rebalance the economy.

He told a conference in London organised by the Coalition of Resistance: “The anger that is unfurling across our country is not mindless.

“It is the legitimate expression of a people who feel that this government is taking a wrecking ball to our nation, going far beyond what is needed rebalance our books.

“They are using a global financial crisis to terrify the citizens of this country into meek acceptance of a raid on our schools, hospitals, services, jobs – the very fundamentals of our communities built up over 60 years of our tax and toil.”

Mr McCluskey said communities would not allow the government to “hurl” the country back to the “wasted years” of unemployment and “destroyed” communities he said were the hallmark of the Thatcher years.

“We know there is an alternative, based on growth and tax justice, to the vandalism they are hell-bent on pursuing.

“In streets, schools, workplaces, universities and town halls up and down our country we will stand together against the senseless hardship they will unleash. We will not let them break Britain.

“And if this government ignores our alliance, then they will, deservedly, be run out of office.”

Bob Crow, leader of the Rail Maritime and Transport union said: “RMT sends its full solidarity to those fighting the savage austerity cuts unleashed on the Irish people by the EU superstate – cuts that will devastate jobs, public services and standards of living for generations to come.”

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