Médecins Sans Frontières rejects €50m EU funding over Turkey deal


Médecins Sans Frontières is rejecting over €50m in funding from the EU.

The International humanitarian organisation has said it is in protest at the EU’s deal with Turkey to reduce the number of migrants heading to Europe.

The aid group will be forced to use their emergency reserves before stepping up their fundraising campaign.

Director of MSF Jane Ann McKenna has said their projects will continue to operate: “Our core to this is that our patients do not suffer or that our projects do not suffer as a result.

“We are committed to responding to this refugee crisis and indeed to responding to many of the conflict areas which refugees are fleeing from today.

“We have looked at the figures, we are going to dip into our reserves and we are going to ramp up our fundraising efforts to ensure that we can maintain our operations as they stand.”

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