Mel Gibson at child custody case


Mel Gibson appeared in court for the child custody case

Mel Gibson has returned to court to resume a custody fight with his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

The pair attended a day-long hearing that was closed to the public. Neither Mel nor Oksana spoke to reporters afterward, and their lawyers declined comment.

The former couple have been locked for months in a bitter fight over money and custody of their one-year-old daughter. By law, the proceedings are sealed, leaving court watchers to catch glimpses of the Academy Award-winner and Russian musician as they walk to and from the courtroom.

The custody hearing is scheduled to reconvene on December 15.

Oksana has been publicly vocal in recent months, speaking to People magazine and in a televised interview last week with Larry King about the implosion of the couple’s relationship. She has accused Mel of striking her and brandishing a gun during a fight in January, but prosecutors have not yet decided whether to file charges.

Investigators continue to look into Mel’s claims that Oksana attempted to extort him. The actor-director has not publicly spoken about the case or Oksana’s allegations.

Monday’s hearing was the second time Mel and Oksana appeared in the same courtroom. They sat quietly on opposite sides of the aisle, both clad in black, before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon took the bench and closed the courtroom.