Melania Trump sues Daily Mail and US blogger


Melania Trump has filed a lawsuit against the Daily Mail and a Maryland blogger, saying the two published false statements about her.

The Daily Mail retracted its article, saying that it regretted any misinterpretation of it.
Mrs Trump, the wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, filed the suit on Thursday in state court in Montgomery County, Maryland.

That is the home of Webster Tarpley, who publishes the blog. The Daily Mail Online is also named as a defendant.

The suit seeks a minimum of $75,000 (€67,000) from each defendant.

It says the Daily Mail Online published an article about Mrs Trump that referred to her “very racy past”.

Mrs Trump’s lawyer Charles Harder represented Hulk Hogan in his defamation suit against the now-defunct US website Gawker.

The Daily Mail said in its retraction late on Thursday night that on August 20 it published an article which was also published by the Mailonline/Daily website.

“The article discussed whether allegations being made about Melania Trump could negatively affect her husband Donald Trump’s presidential bid,” the retraction said.

The article did not intend to state or suggest that the allegations were true, and said there was no support for them, and “provided adamant denials from Mrs Trump’s spokesperson”, the retraction said.

“The point of the article was that these allegations could impact the US presidential election even if they are untrue.”

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