Milder weather 'on way after snow'


Horses grazing on snow covered mountains in Dublin after more bad weather hit the UK and Ireland

Most of the country will enjoy milder weather this week after another spell of cold temperatures and snow showers, forecasters said.

The break in sub-zero temperatures will be a welcome respite with the mercury even reaching as high as 13C (55.4F) by Wednesday.

The milder air is due to arrive by the middle of the week after snow showers across the Pennines and Scotland clear.

Tom Tobler, forecaster with PA’s weather division MeteoGroup, said that Sunday night “is staying dry and cold at first but we have got more snow moving into northern Scotland through the course of the night, which could get quite heavy”.

“There’s some outbreaks of rain coming into south-west England and Wales by the end of the night, turning windy as well.

“That will continue to move north-eastwards so there could be a bit of snow over the north Pennines.

“For most places, it’s going to be fairly mild but wet and windy.

“On Wednesday, there will be a repeat performance of heavy rain coming in from the west, with snow over northern areas and then that’s bringing milder air so Wednesday could reach 12-13C (53.6-55.4F) across a fair bit of England. It will stay cold in the north but it will be milder than it has been.”

On Sunday, heavy snow showers fell across Scotland where temperatures dropped as low as minus 10C (14F) with heavy frosts affecting roads elsewhere. Cambridgeshire Police said it had reports of 30 road accidents between 6am and 10.30am – around five times more than normal.

The AA also had a busy day, expecting 12,000 calls to break-downs by the end of the day compared with just 7,500 on a normal Sunday.

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