Miliband brothers in community bid


Ed Miliband is to join forces with brother David to relaunch the Movement for Change campaign

Labour leader Ed Miliband is to join forces with brother David to create a 10,000-strong army of community organisers.

The relaunch of the Movement for Change marks the first formal collaboration between the brothers since Ed beat David to the party leadership last September.

While Ed has made clear on several occasions that he would like his elder brother to join his shadow cabinet, David has stayed away from the political frontline, opting instead to take up posts as non-executive director of Sunderland football club and part-time teacher in a north London school.

Now the brothers will seek to dispel speculation of a family rift by reviving the Movement for Change, created by David during his leadership campaign.

They aim to increase tenfold the 1,000 activists recruited and trained last year to help organise drives to improve life in their communities.

They hope its support for campaigns to protect health facilities, schools, public sector housing and services will act as a Labour counterpoint to the Government’s “Big Society”.

The next stage in the Movement, expected to be launched in March, will be funded by a £250,000 gift from Lord Sainsbury of Turville, who bankrolled Labour with donations totalling £13 million under the leadership of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

The donation will be made direct to the Movement for Change, rather than the Labour Party.

A spokesman for the Labour leader told The Guardian: “Ed thinks David has done a brilliant job with Movement for Change. It will play a key part in revitalising the Labour party and reconnecting it with parts of the electorate who feel we lost touch. He is delighted that David will be involved in Movement for Change, which underlines how he will remain an important voice in Labour politics.”

And David Miliband said: “There are few things more important than that the Labour party rebuilds strong relationships with the people of Britain. Movement for Change is designed to take the best of the rich traditions of community organising from Britain and abroad, and apply them to the present day. It will, I hope, help communities across Britain defend themselves and help Labour on the road to government.”

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