Mumbai police hunt for 'terrorists'


Mumbai police launched a manhunt after suspected terrorists entered the city (AP)

Police are searching India’s financial capital for four men who authorities believe entered Mumbai to carry out a terrorist attack.

A terror alert was issued for the city, where a three-day terrorist siege in 2008 killed 166 people.

Despite checkpoints and some road closures, traffic and activity in most of Mumbai was normal on Friday.

Police have received credible information that at least four men belonging to the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba militant group have entered the city and were planning to strike during the holiday season, said Himanshu Roy, joint police commissioner of Mumbai Police.

India blames Lashkar for the 2008 assaults.

“The four men are planning violent attacks that are going to cause destruction,” Mr Roy said. “The four have recently arrived in Mumbai. We believe the threat is serious.”

Pakistani officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

Police set up checkpoints along major roads in the city, put additional men on patrol duty at public places and released computer photographs of the four suspects. Roads were also closed near the Taj Mahal hotel and Mumbai’s landmark Gateway of India. Mumbai is also home to Bollywood, the country’s prolific film industry.

Mr Roy identified the four men but said their nationalities were not known.

In March, Mumbai police said they prevented a major terrorist strike after they arrested two Indian men, allegedly preparing to hit several targets in the city. Then in September, police issued a terror alert for the city during a popular Hindu festival after a tip off that two Islamist militants were planning a terror strike.

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