North Carolina files lawsuit over LGBT law

Governor Pat McCrory

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is going to court in a fight for a state law that limits protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Gov McCrory is leading a lawsuit seeking to keep in place the law the US Justice Department said last week violated the civil rights of transgender people.

The Justice Department had set a deadline of Monday for Gov McCrory to report whether he would refuse to enforce the law that took effect in March.

The new Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act requires people to use only public toilets which correspond to the gender of their birth.

Last month, Bruce Springsteen pulled out of a planned show in North Carolina because of the law.

He wrote in a statement: “Some things are more important than a rock show and this fight against prejudice and bigotry — which is happening as I write — is one of them.

“It is the strongest means I have for raising my voice in opposition to those who continue to push us backwards instead of forwards.”

Springsteen’s move came after PayPal pulled out of a planned expansion in the state and Lionsgate switched filming of a new Hulu show from the state to Canada.

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