Observers allowed back into UN climate talks after protest

UN allows citizens back into building after climate change protests

The United Nations says dozens of observers expelled from its annual climate meeting in Madrid will be allowed back into the venue.

Some 100 people were escorted off site on Wednesday after some staged an impromptu demonstration outside a hall where UN chief Antonio Guterres was speaking.

The protesters said they were angered by the slow pace of the talks and the apparent unwillingness of major greenhouse gas emitters to do more to curb global warming.

The UN climate office said that the protesters violated rules they had agreed to in advance to be accredited for the talks, including a prohibition on holding “unauthorised demonstrations”.

In a joint statement, representatives from the various groups said they would abide by the guidelines and seek permission before staging future protests.

The talks, which are officially due to end on Friday, appear to be heading for overtime amid disagreements over rules for international carbon markets and help for poor countries affected by climate change.

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