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Most die-hard romantics would love to get married in the best possible location, suited to both the partners and holiday at an even more exotic destination. We give you 12 signs of the zodiac, and a few zodiac personality oriented dream wedding and extraordinary holiday destinations…

Horoscope is determined by the star map at the time of birth and it is believed that it influences one’s character in many ways than one. Read on to explore the mysterious world of the zodiac alongside the best wedding and holiday destination suggestions for each sign. Getting married according to the taste of your would-be-better half can be a very thoughtful gesture. What better way than to exchange your marital wows in a destination which could make her feel like on top of the world, with her favourite people in just- her- kind- of- place! And thereafter, to sweep your woman off her feet by choosing an appropriate holiday destination as per her zodiac sign personality type, can make for the most memorable time for you as a couple and can perhaps the best time to woo her like no other!


Wedding Destination: Sagittarians like their independence and unhindered movement, therefore they would never let go of any excuse to travel. Destination weddings are ideal for them besides further the destination the better it is. This sun sign would loathe anything from hiking around Great Wall of China to a romantic gondola ride in Venice or maybe an adventurous African safari for the big day.

Honeymoon Destination: Sagittarian is known as an optimistic and adventurous traveler. While the cold winter winds are blowing, Sagittarius’ can find a perfect getaway destination on the Galápagos Islands that are situated one thousand kilometers from the coast of Ecuador. Galápagos Islands are known for rare animal and plant species. They offer unforgettable experiences for the adventurous Sagittarius.


Wedding Destination: This sun sign would love an authentic or traditional wedding to the hilt. The thought and feel of having a traditional wedding is amusing and far from the usual. So go ahead and find a typically traditional venue, a temple hall or a church hall with all the customary rituals and ambience is apt.

Honeymoon Destination: Capricorns are reserved and shy. Capricorns, who relish peace and quiet, can find a perfect holiday the northeast side of Bangkok in Thailand. Instead of shopping and going to night clubs, Capricorns should head for a daytrip to Kno Man Nai Island nearby resort to Rayong, where one can see protected sea turtles.


Wedding Destination: This sun sign will like the extraordinary, exhilarating and unusual spots for their wedding. You can take your pick from under-water wedding, parachute, and planetarium, wine yard wedding to bungee jumping weddings or wedding in a swimming pool with dolphins around. This variety of sun signs would love to get married in space, if they had their way! Beware and let your imagination run wild!

Honeymoon Destination: Aquarians are known for their loyalty and strong personalities. When they go for a vacation they search for history and culture. You can think of Prague as an ideal getaway, the capital of the Czech Republic. Prague is a real historical treasures but also a great city for shopping, eating and partying.


Wedding Destination: This sun sign is a water baby, their water-loving quality would make way for any destination next to a sea, lake or pond for their special day. A beautiful beach wedding, resorts and cottages next to waterfront is what they secretly wish for! A Hawaiian themed weddings or a wedding in Hawaii or Miami will be ideal. You can also choose from a cruise or a private yacht wedding to tie the knot.

Honeymoon Destination: Pisceans are dreamers who think with their hearts and enjoy romantic vacations. Venice offers a romantic atmosphere and beautiful sights. You can enjoy the city with your loved one while taking a walk by the canals!


Wedding Destination: This sun sign primarily wants to move away from the typical or run-of-the-mill ideas. Get creative and think of destinations which would set their mood. Think of an adventurous, new, untried, unusual destination to seal the relationship. You can keep mountain, wine yard, parachute, pool or underwater wedding in mind while brainstorming.

Honeymoon Destination: Arians are fearless, fiery and known for their impatience. A safari trip to Kenya keeps even Aries’ attention for the whole trip. Kenya offers experiences in natural parks, beaches and tribal villages. The best home base for a stay in Kenya can be found in the lively and pulsating capital Nairobi.


Wedding Destination: This sun sign adores nature to the hilt! So you can choose a set up or destination with natural or scenic surroundings. Take your pick from a park, forest, mountain, to a vineyard for the most important day of your life.

Honeymoon Destination: Taurian needs good food and beautiful surroundings from a vacation spot. Tuscany in Italy is a perfect resort for Taurus who can appreciate its breathtaking views and serene hills. Tuscany is also famous for its delicious food and wine, including the local master piece, bisteccaallafiorentina which is a traditional steak of Firenze.


Wedding Destination: This sun sign people are social bodies, large hearted and love splurging to the hilt. They have a lively demeanour and an eventful life, which is incomplete without their scores of friends and relatives around. Be sure to have a big fat wedding at a lavish and grand venue with functions spread across a few days.

Honeymoon Destination: Geminians are talented and lively travelers. Sydney in Australia is a dream holiday city for Geminis who change their minds like the weather. While they will enjoy the big city lights today, tomorrow they might want to hit the beach, surf or take a road trip across the country.


Wedding Destination: This sun sign like to be tagged as homebodies, they need to feel connected with their people, family, friends and the ambience. They like common environment. So take your pick from a straightforward, effortless but graceful venue at a nice resort, or a romantic resort or even in the family home backyard.

Honeymoon Destination: Cancerians are loyal and peaceful people and prefer familiar surroundings when they go for a vacation. Destinations like Lanzarote in the Canary Islands best suit a Cancerian’s placid way of travel. Lanzarote’s sights are shaped by volcanic eruptions and offer perfect surroundings to have a relaxing siesta like a real Spaniard.


Wedding Destination: This sun sign is overgenerous and regal. They like to be touted as status conscious and like to show what they own. They want nothing but the best and enjoy the attention they get amongst people for being so. So make sure you get your fiancée feeling happy and high with a five-star wedding, a royal reception and an even more exotic or lavish honeymoon.

Honeymoon Destination: Leos are proud and need luxury from a vacation. Dubai – is a dream resort for Leos. The city is full of skyscrapers, luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants and giant shopping centers for Leos to enjoy.


Wedding Destination: This zodiac sign is a perfectionist, so chalk out your destination, itinerary, venue, menu way in advance. They like a realistic and environment-friendly setting which is within the budget. So you can pick a nice garden, club or decent hotel to please your partner.

Honeymoon Destination: Virgos are perfectionists who want to use their own problem solving abilities on a vacation. Visiting Machu Picchu in Peru would be an ideal vacation for Virgos. This archaeological site has been declared as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Virgo has a chance to smother his/her inquisitiveness by getting to know Machu Picchu which is located 80kms from Cusco.


Wedding Destination: This is the most romantic sign of the Zodiac. They like stylishness and grace in people and places. You can think of some unusual venues to appeal the romantic. Take your pick from antique resorts with an old world charm or a romantic beach setting.

Honeymoon Destination: Libran is harmonic and longs for love. When a Libra goes for a vacation the plan is to fall in love over and over again. The best holiday destination for a Libra is of course Paris in France. The city offers movie-like romance on the banks of La Seine, at the foot of the Eiffel-tower and among the doves of the Notre Dame cathedral.


Wedding Destination: This sun sign digs privacy, so all you have to do is have a few close family and friends at your functions. Choose a place which is away from the prying eyes, a private or even a mysterious setting will do the trick.

Honeymoon Destination: Scorpion is open to everything. The best place to fuel a Scorpio’s desire to try everything is Bodrum City, Turkey. Bodrum has a pinch of east and west, familiar and unknown. Turkish spas, bazaars and daytrips in the sea combined with great restaurants and a colourful nightlife equals an exciting and versatile vacation for Scorpio.

So find your perfect place to start your new beginnings. If you have the money, time and the heart, then go for it! Happy Wedding!


  1. Hmm, getting some good ideas for mine now. Australia is already top of my list but we now I rethinking the location.

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