Olsen junior creates Sundance buzz


Elizabeth Olsen has two films causing a buzz at Sundance

Elizabeth Olsen – the younger sister of twins Mary-Kate and Ashley – is breaking into showbiz with two buzzed-about films at the Sundance Film Festival.

Elizabeth, 21, stars in Silent House, directed by the filmmakers who made the 2004 indy hit Open Water. When it debuted at Sundance, it was sold to Lionsgate for more than 2 million dollars.

Based on a film from Uruguay called La Casa Muda, Silent House is one continuous take as Elizabeth’s character begins to suspect her summer house may be haunted. The young actress compares shooting the film to theatre, which she started doing as a child.

“When I was auditioning, I was like, ‘Just so you know I’m used to the medium of theatre, so like I can stand on my feet for this long’,” she laughs.

Elizabeth’s other film at Sundance is Martha Macy May Marlene, where she plays a young woman trying to readjust to life after escaping from a cult.

“It’s hard for independent films when they want to get money and to have a lead be an unknown – it’s kind of a risk for people to take,” Elizabeth acknowledged.

The actress also talked about being a tabloid target like her big sisters, now 24, who are chased constantly by paparazzi. The Olsen twins have been in the spotlight since they shared a role in the TV comedy Full House.

“When I would go shopping with my sisters when I was younger, it would be dangerous. I just think it’s crazy in general but I want to be an actor – and I have since I was a little girl – and if that happens, then you figure out how to deal with it where it doesn’t completely infringe upon your life,” she said.

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