Palestinian official Saeb Erekat ‘in critical condition’

Saeb Erekat in critical condition
Saeb Erekat

Senior Palestinian official Saeb Erekat is in a critical condition and breathing with a ventilator due to Covid-19, according to the Israeli hospital treating him.

Hadassah Medical Centre described Mr Erekat’s case as extremely challenging given his history of health problems, including a lung transplant performed three years ago.

It said he suffered from a weak immune system and a bacterial infection in addition to Covid-19.

It added Mr Erekat, 65, was sedated and that its most senior doctors were consulting with international experts on how best to manage such a complicated case.

Mr Erekat has been one of the Palestinians’ most recognisable faces over the past 30 years, serving as their senior negotiator during on-again, off-again peace talks.

He was also a top aide to late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and current Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

A fluent English speaker, Western-educated Mr Erekat also makes frequent appearances in the media.

He was transferred to Hadassah on Sunday at the request of the Palestinian Authority.

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