Passenger carried snakes on plane


UAE police have held a man who carried a bag full of snakes on plane

An airline passenger carried a bag filled with snakes and other animals on an eight-hour flight from Indonesia to the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi police have said.

The menagerie, including four snakes, two parrots and a squirrel inside a box, was found in the transit area at Abu Dhabi’s airport last week.

Police declined to give the suspect’s name or final destination.

Media reports said it was unclear how the animals bypassed authorities in Indonesia, but there was no real-life replay of the 2006 thriller film Snakes On A Plane during the flight.

Police did not identify the snake species, but a Dubai-based newspaper, 7 Days, quoted experts as saying photos appeared to show reticulated and blood pythons, both non-venomous.

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