People run into streets as 5.3-magnitude earthquake hits Athens

Earthquake of 5.3 magnitude hits Athens, Greece.

A strong earthquake has been felt in the Greek capital Athens, causing people to run out into the streets.

The 5.3-magnitude quake was felt 9km (5.6 miles) from Eleusis just after 2pm local time.

The quake caused power cuts across the capital. The fire brigade reported receiving calls about people trapped in lifts.

Authorities say there was no immediate word on injuries or damage.

Visitor Alex, from Manchester, said the earthquake lasted a few seconds.

She said: “I don’t think it was super serious, I’m not an Athens native and I’m from the UK so it shocked me and my family a lot — we never experience earthquakes.

“I was actually asleep at the time, so I was very scared initially.

“Everything seems normal, the apartment I’m in is hidden from the main street view, but no noticed damage.”

The Athens Institute of Geodynamics initially said the earthquake had a magnitude of 5.1 but the US Geological Survey has assessed it as a 5.3-magnitude.

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