People’s March rallies in front of Westminster


“Brexit is a mess”, is just one of the many comments made by the protesters of the People’s March this Saturday. Starting from Marble Arch, the protesters marched to Westminster and gathered in Parliament Square for their last plea against Brexit.

Remainers carried European Union flags and signs, with videos of the EU referendum campaign were displayed on screen.

Protesters ranged from all ages. Even members of Extinction Rebellion and other groups were there in excess. Another vote was brought into discussion of delaying Brexit, or in other words taking an extension.


One group of protesters were seen pulling a float depicting top aide Dominic Cummings using Mr Johnson as a puppet.

With Demonic Cummings splashed across its forehead, the figure on the float appears to be wearing a Nazi uniform, including an armband which reads Get Brexit Done, and has a Union Jack moustache.

Brexit vote
Protesters push a float depicting Dominic Cummings using British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as a puppet down Whitehall ahead of an anit-Brexit march in London.

As of Saturday morning, more than £500,000 has been donated to support the protest, and cross-party politicians are calling on people to get involved.

The government voted against the new deal, however, Boris Johnson said he will not seek a Brexit delay.


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