Perry: TV's tough behind the scenes


Matthew Perry stars in Mr. Sunshine

Matthew Perry has admitted he’s learnt a lot about TV since his days as an up-and-coming young actor.

The star, who shot to fame playing Chandler in Friends, is now starring in and co-writing Mr. Sunshine, a new sitcom about the manager of a US sports arena.

“I’ve learned how much goes into making a television show, and there’s a lot more than I thought,” he said.

“In my early 20s… I was mostly thinking about myself. I thought the first day of a project was the table read.

“I thought, ‘Well, I’m here, so this must be the first day’ – not knowing that a whole year of development, of driving across town to meetings, had taken place.”

The new show – which also stars The West Wing actress Allison Janney – sees Matthew play Ben Donovan, the busy manager of the huge Sunshine Center in San Diego.

With all 13 episodes of the first Mr. Sunshine season wrapped and ready to air in the US on ABC, the former Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip star is already gathering ideas for a second season he hopes is in store.

“When I was on the set of Studio 60, I used to look over and see [show creator] Aaron Sorkin sort of mumbling to himself in the corner of the room,” Matthew said.

“He was playing out scenes from future episodes, doing all the parts. I am nowhere near the writer that Aaron Sorkin is, but I certainly do mumble in the corner of rooms.”

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