PM to reveal economic growth plans


The Prime Minister is to outline his plans to promote economic growth

The Prime Minister is to outline his plans to promote economic growth during a visit to the North West.

He will be accompanied by Lord Heseltine, recently appointed chair of the independent advisory panel of the Regional Growth Fund.

The pair will visit a £4.5 billion development in the Wirral, where they will be joined by Sir Terry Leahy, the outgoing chief executive of Tesco.

The Conservatives will then travel to the Manchester area where Mr Cameron will give a speech on growth.

He has promised to visit the constituency of Oldham East and Saddleworth ahead of next week’s by-election and is expected on the campaign trail shortly.

The contest comes after Labour former minister Phil Woolas was stripped of his victory at the General Election after a court ruled he deliberately misled voters with his campaign literature.

Mr Cameron has been accused of standing aside to allow the Liberal Democrats a two-way fight with Labour.

On Wednesday, Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg vowed his party was “here to win”. The Deputy Prime Minister mingled with supermarket shoppers in the aisles of Asda as he paid his second visit to the constituency ahead of next week’s vote.

Lib Dem candidate Elwyn Watkins was just 103 votes short of unseating Mr Woolas last May, making the constituency one of Mr Clegg’s top targets. Mr Clegg is hoping his party will benefit from voter distaste for Labour due to Mr Woolas’s removal.

Labour hopes voters will be put off the Lib Dems following the recent row over an increase in university tuition fees, a policy Mr Clegg’s party pledged to oppose at the General Election.

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