PM warning on NHS amid reform plans


David Cameron warned the NHS will become 'increasingly unaffordable' if radical reforms are not implemented

David Cameron has warned that the NHS will become “increasingly unaffordable” if radical plans by the Government to reform the health service are not implemented.

The Prime Minister defended an overhaul of the NHS, including handing GPs £80 billion of the NHS budget to commission services, insisting that the “biggest risk” to the health service would be to do nothing.

“If you look at the growth of the elderly population, look at the new drugs that are coming on stream, the new treatments, if we keep the system we have now and don’t make changes to cut bureaucracy and waste, I think it will become increasingly unaffordable,” he told BBC Breakfast.

“The risk is doing nothing.”

Mr Cameron’s remarks came as protesters opposed to the reforms planned to demonstrate outside Parliament as ministers begin a second debate on the controversial Health and Social Care Bill.

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