Poland slams Russia's crash report


Poland's prime minister Donald Tusk (left), with Vladimir Putin has criticised Russia's draft report on plane crash

Poland has rejected as “unacceptable” Russia’s draft report on the causes of a plane crash that killed the Polish president.

Prime minister Donald Tusk criticised some of the conclusions of the report by a commission as unfounded and said the document shows the commission’s “negligence, or mistakes, or no reaction to demands” made by the Polish side.

The conclusions have not been made public.

Mr Tusk told journalists in the capital Warsaw that the report in its current form “is unacceptable, without doubt”.

Russian investigators made the draft report available to the Poles two months ago.

Separate Polish and Russian teams are investigating the April crash in Smolensk, Russia, that killed president Lech Kaczynski and 95 others.

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