Police snowball man gets curfew


A man has been handed a 14-day curfew for hitting a policeman with a snowball during the recent wintry weather

A man who threw a snowball at a police officer has been handed a 14-day curfew.

Dean Smith, 31, was arrested by Derbyshire Police at his home in Swadlincote three days after he threw the snowball early in December.

He was later charged with common assault and pleaded guilty before Derby magistrates, a Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) spokesman confirmed. Smith was handed a 14-day curfew and ordered to pay £85 costs.

The spokesman said: “It was the prosecution’s case that this was not a trivial, playful act of throwing a snowball as a joke, but that it was thrown deliberately, and aggressively, to satisfy a grudge held by Mr Smith against the victim.

“The CPS considered an alternative to prosecution, such as a conditional caution, but decided this was not appropriate due to Mr Smith’s previous convictions, including assault and obstructing a police officer.

“It appeared that diverting Mr Smith from court would not address his behaviour in a way that was likely to prevent future offending. In these circumstances, CPS Derbyshire decided that the facts should be presented to the magistrates’ court to allow them to decide how this case should be resolved.

“Mr Smith pleaded guilty and during sentencing the magistrate said the case had been properly brought.”

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