Policeman slams 7/7 rescue delays


Pc Glen Hesketh was at the scene of the bomb blast that hit a number 30 bus in Tavistock Square

A policeman has hit out at other officers’ delays in helping people injured in the 7/7 bus bombing.

Pc Glen Hesketh said members of the emergency services were “not paid to be wrapped in cotton wool” as he described how he clambered onto the mangled bus to reach trapped victims.

The explosives sniffer dog handler cut his hands “to ribbons” trying to pull aside the wreckage to get to horrifically wounded passengers, the inquest into the July 7 2005 attacks on London heard.

He reached the scene of the bomb blast that hit a number 30 bus in Tavistock Square minutes after it went off. Other officers were already there but nobody was on the bus assisting the injured, the inquest heard.

Pc Hesketh said in a statement: “Police officers were putting up cordon tape, and I remember swearing at an inspector or sergeant for not doing anything to help people on the bus.”

He added: “Everyone at something as traumatic as that acts differently and has their own concerns. It’s purely my opinion, but if somebody can be helped, they need to be helped and immediately.

“And when I went past where you could see into the bus, it wouldn’t have mattered what anyone says, what concerns there are of a secondary device. We’re not paid to be wrapped in cotton wool, we have to get in there and help people.”

The coroner, Lady Justice Hallett, told him: “You were doing a dangerous job in July 2005.

“By the sounds of it you are still doing a dangerous job, trying to prevent the kind of tragedy with which sadly we are concerned.

“You commended the bravery of the firefighters with whom you worked. May I commend your bravery and the fact that you took so much to heart that your number one priority was to save lives.”

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