Politician left red-faced after journalists abandon leadership launch


You may have missed it, but Angela Eagle launched her bid to lead the British Labour Party today. Unfortunately, most people missed her speech as journalists and camera people rushed off to cover Andrea Leadsom dropping out of the Conservative race.

In the run-up to the speech, attendees reported the exodus, leading to an awkward exchange between Eagle and the remaining journalists, as she called on people who had left to cover the Leadsom story.

News channels switched from the live feed of Eagle’s speech to cameras filming outside Leadsom’s home, in anticipation of the shock announcement that she was stepping down.

This leaves the path to the Conservative leadership, and prime ministership, clear for Theresa May.

The diversion of attention was met with chagrin by some, joy by others.

Eagle stated in her launch speech that she was neither a Blairite, Brownite or Corbynista, but “my own woman”.

She referenced her working class upbringing, attendance at a comprehensive school and Oxford University education.

She also stated that “kinder politics must be a reality, not just a slogan.”

Responding to a question about Diane Abbott’s comments earlier that her bid for the leadership was like the Star Wars film, The Empire Strikes Back, Eagle stated it was “more like Return Of The Jedi”.

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