Poor pupils' education 'hampered'


Poor children's education is hampered because they are less likely to have computers, a charity warned

Poor children’s education is being hampered because they are less likely to have access to computers and the internet at home, a charity has warned.

More than a million British schoolchildren do not have the use of a computer at home while almost two million are unable to go online, according to the Learning Foundation.

The digital education charity said analysis of the latest Government Family Spending Survey revealed that youngsters from the lowest income households are two and a half times less likely to have the internet at home than those in the wealthiest.

Valerie Thompson, chief executive of the e-Learning Foundation, said: “With so many children swamped with gifts from family and friends over the Christmas period it is important we reflect on the fact that millions of children live in poverty in this country.

“For those at school, this translates into very tangible disadvantages when it comes to completing homework, researching topics, independent learning and communicating with teachers and classmates on the school learning platform.

“Without the use of a computer and the ability to go online at home the attainment gap that characterises children from low-income families is simply going to get worse.”

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