Post Party Skin-Essentials!


Suffering with the dreaded hangover flush?Let’s face it, a night out can leave us feeling and looking five years older. Or perhaps the hangover from the season is still clearly showing on your complexion. Well, the festive and party season is almost over, with a few get togethers to attend here and there, so although your social calendar is still sort of partly upbeat, it can leave your skin quite gloomy. Multiple after work parties, family meetings, that one extra cocktail, the few hours of sleep can leave your skin looking lifeless and exhausted.

Day after day of applying makeup and partying takes its toll on your skin, so how do you retain the radiance?

Out of habit, the first thing you do when you return from a party should be to cleanse your face. Make up tends to block the pores and more so if there was smoke at the party, as it tends to stay on your skin.

After attending back-to-back parties, here is a natural tip for make up removal. Say goodbye to looking hungover with these easy tricks and tips, which will ensure your ready for the next round of parties!


Steam – A Natural Way To Remove Makeup Without Remover. Many people don’t believe that steam can remove makeup; but truthfully, it’s a great natural way to remove makeup. Just fill up a basin with hot water and lean over it, into the steam, it will open up all your pores.

Don’t underestimate the power of steam. It helps to get last traces of makeup off of your face. Steam is the secret skincare weapon of many models and keeps your skin pores in the best shape possible.

new-york-luxury-spa-guest-relaxing-in-oriental-tea-lounge-2What better way to soothe away post party burn out than with a soothing face mask? We suggest gorge on sweet potatoes and make a DIY too. Mix sweet potato, honey, Greek yogurt and ginger, apply on your skin for 15 minutes and wash off. This sweet potato treatment will lightly exfoliate your skin, leaving it soft and smooth and brightened. In fact, it’s perfect for that post New years dinner fog & makes for a perfect post party skin-pick-me-up. Sure to give you a country-walk flush without leaving your sofa.

Stock up on greens, berries, citrus fruits and focus on red, green and yellow organic foods for maximum antioxidant and nutrient boost to your skin. Fruit and mint infused water can be your skin saver.


Dr. Aakriti Mehra, Dermatologist, suggests a few quick tips.

• Clean your face with a gentle cleanser and in case of acne prone skin with a benzoyl peroxide based cleanser.
• Use a gentle make remover to remove make up, especially from the eye area. Make sure not to rub it too much.
• Post this; use a good moisturizer to rehydrate the skin.
• You could invest in a good serum with collagen and vitamin c which would help to tighten and brighten the skin up to a certain extent. End this regime with your eye cream.
• Make sure you drink a lot of water all day long post any party, to rehydrate your system.
• Start your day with water with a few drops of lemon which would act as an antioxidant. Trade your daily coffee for a herbal or green tea
• Increase the servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. Leafy greens, berries, citrus fruit would give you the most benefits.
• Well rested skin looks bright and healthy; therefore the importance of good sleep cannot be stressed upon enough. Do try to clock in at least six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep for maximum benefits.
In case you do wake up with puffy eyes, place a few cold tea bags for a few minutes over the eyes to alleviate some of the puffiness. Keep your benzoyl peroxide in handy if you have tendency to break out often.

Get set to pep up, revive & restore your skin, get back your natural gleam, it will really thank-you for the pampering!

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