President Trump continues to push on Joe Biden’s oil comments

Donald Trump at his rally

President Donald Trump has tried to keep the focus on Democrat Joe Biden’s comments in the final presidential debate about supporting a “transition” away from oil in favour of renewable energy.

At a campaign rally in Pensacola, Florida, Mr Trump revelled in Mr Biden’s remarks, saying voters in Texas, Pennsylvania and other states would not like them.

He told supporters: “Even you don’t like it. You know why you don’t like it? Because you like your gasoline at $2 (£1.54) and less per gallon.”

Mr Biden’s campaign released a statement hours after Thursday’s debate declaring that the Democratic nominee would phase out taxpayer subsidies for fossil fuel companies, not the industry altogether.

Mr Trump also played for supporters a video of various comments that Mr Biden has made on fracking in a bid to make him look like he opposes it.

Mr Biden’s position is that he does not support new fracking on federal lands. Most fracking occurs on private land.

The president talked extensively about Thursday night’s debate in his Florida rallies.

He said Mr Biden “looked like he made it. It looked like it was going to be OK. He got off the stage, going back to his basement and then they hit him with the energy question. They hit him with a thing called oil.”

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