Princess Anne takes the Staten Island ferry to Manhattan

Princess Anne tour of Staten Island’s National Lighthouse Museum.

The Princess Royal took a ride on the Staten Island Ferry during a visit to New York City.

Anne was ushered to the ferry’s pilothouse as the Manhattan-bound ship crossed the New York Harbour on Tuesday escorted by police boats.

A fireboat greeted the ferry with a water display just before docking, according to

The ferry trip came after Anne was given a tour of Staten Island’s National Lighthouse Museum.

The visit included an unveiling of a miniature figurine of Needles Lighthouse, on the Isle of Wight, in memory of her parents.

Anne attended a luncheon in Manhattan after the ferry trip and praised the lighthouse museum in a speech.

“The lighthouse still has a really important part to play,” she said.

“The story that goes with lighthouses and how we got here is just as important, and (the) museum has made an astonishing impact in telling that story.”

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