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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Princess Anne To Be “personal aide-de-camp” To His Majesty For His Coronation

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Princess Anne, 72, will be riding behind the King Charles and Queen Camilla in the coronation procession in their route back to Buckingham Palace. She has been entrusted with the noble task of ensuring the security of the king and conveying his directives to the Household Calvary.

This prestigious “Gold-Stick-in-Waiting” role is a prominent and well deserved role Princess Anne is one of the most hardworking royal. She has always performed her royal duties with dignity and very loyal to Charles. This starring role at the coronation shows how much King Charles values and trusts his sister.

Royal insiders revealed the King, 74, often leans on his trusted lieutenant Anne, 72, for advice and is a fan of her “no nonsense attitude”.

King Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince William, Prince Harry and Royal Family

As the King Charles and Queen Camilla ride in the Gold State Coach back to Buckingham Palace, Princess Anne will lead the 6000 armed services personnel and the the rest of the procession

Royal sources revealed how the King personally told his sister of his wish and how she was “incredibly honoured” to be handed the role.

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