Protesters bid to pull down statue of ex-US president near White House


Protesters have attempted to pull down a statue of former US president Andrew Jackson near the White House before being dispersed by police.

WUSA-TV in Washington reported on Monday night that police used pepper spray to move protesters out of Lafayette Square, where the Jackson statue is located.

Videos posted on social media showed that the protesters had climbed onto the statue and tied ropes around it, before trying to pull it off its pedestal.

Firefighters put out a fire as protesters and police gather at Lafayette Park

The statue shows Jackson in military uniform, riding a horse that is rearing up on its hind legs.

The 19th century president’s ruthless treatment of Native Americans has made his statue a target for demonstrators protesting against the United States’ legacy of racial injustice.

The Jackson statue remained on its pedestal Monday night.

US president Donald Trump tweeted late on Monday that “numerous people” had been arrested for “the disgraceful vandalism”.

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