Protesters target police station


Riot police officers walk among fire from petrol bombs thrown by protesters in Keratea, 30 miles south-east of Athens (AP)

Three people have been arrested after protesters opposed to a new landfill clashed with riot police in a town near Athens.

Police said two officers were injured in violent clashes which started when members of a crowd threw molotov cocktails and stones at Keratea’s police station to protest against the detention of a local man suspected of involvement in previous clashes.

Police responded with tear gas.

Residents of the town, some 30 miles south-east of Athens, have clashed repeatedly over the past two months with riot police guarding the site of the planned rubbish dump.

They claim it will destroy an important archaeological site and pollute the local water table.

Greece is under pressure from the European Union to improve its rubbish disposal policy.

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