Puri plots third East Is East film


Om Puri thinks the East Is East franchise has more to give

Om Puri has plotted out another sequel to East Is East.

The 60-year-old actor plays head of the family George Khan in the period comedy, and reprised his role for its follow-up film West Is West.

He told the Metro he had an idea for a third film, which he would call ‘East Meets West.’

He said: “Maybe it could look at George Khan when he’s old – maybe he’s sick and the family in Pakistan comes and joins the family in Britain as the patriarch is going to his death or the last days of his life. A kind of happy reunion of the children.”

The actor added that he has forgotten some of the 250 plus films he’s made during his career.

“There are certain films that were commercial which I’m not very proud of that are difficult to remember,” he said.

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