Rapper Young Thug files lawsuit after bag with 200 unreleased songs is taken

Young Thug via Pile Rats
Young Thug

US rapper Young Thug has claimed an apartment concierge let an unknown person take his Louis Vuitton bag holding about 200 unreleased songs and more than 100,000 dollars (£72,000) worth of jewellery and cash.

The performer’s allegations are in a lawsuit against the company that manages the apartment complex where he lived and its concierge company, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The newspaper said neither JLB Peachtree nor concierge company Pegasus Residential had answered requests for comment about the lawsuit filed last week in Gwinnett County Superior Court on behalf of Jeffery Williams, 30, whose stage name is Young Thug.

According to the lawsuit, a concierge at Trace Apartments put the bag in a secure location after the Atlanta rapper accidentally left it next to his vehicle on November 1 2020, but another employee released it to someone else.

The missing bag contained a hard drive with about 200 unreleased songs that are worth at least one million dollars (£723,000), the lawsuit said.

The bag also held 40,000 dollars in cash, a diamond-encrusted watch worth 57,000 dollars and a 37,000-dollar chain with inset diamonds, according to the lawsuit.

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